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Workforce Dimensions - Business Coaching


Our Services

Our syllabus has been developed over 15 years and reflects our learning across 100+ consulting and development engagements spanning multiple industry sectors. Our programmes have academic rigour and the techniques we share are routinely and successfully applied in the workplace. 

Our facilitators are People Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning experts. We engage lead practitioners, specialist consultants and experienced academics to deliver our programmes - we do not employ generic ‘trainers’.

Our content is modular in nature - this enables us to work with our clients to configure programmes that best meet the needs of their delegate group(s).

People Analytics Development Modules and Delivery Options

We also offer a dedicated Strategic Workforce Planning programme. 

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Note: we no longer schedule ‘public’ workshops.

To discuss your requirements and to understand more about our services please contact us: info@workforcedimensions.co.uk