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Workforce Dimensions - Business Coaching


We have a passion for People Analytics and Strategic Workforce Planning.

We believe that the evolution of the discipline will be accelerated when thought leaders and practitiiners share ideas across the global community.


Our contribution can be found on this page, however we are keen to hear the opinion of others - please join and contribute to this LinkedIn Group:

Navigating People Analytics

Please note: our recent blogs (post 2015) have been temporarily hidden pending review.

Feb 27, 2015

As a long tenured consultant and practitioner in the space of workforce analytics I've had the opportunity to work with…

Feb 27, 2015

Experience tells me that workforce analytics is not something that can be 'done in the margins' – dedicated resource is…

Feb 27, 2015

In my capacity as a consultant to those with aspirations in Workforce Analytics space it is not unusual to be…

Feb 27, 2015

"Demand for Quality and Timely People Information is Accelerating". This statement has been reinforced again and again as I've personally…

Feb 27, 2015

In my first role in the 'Human Capital' space (it's funny how terminology changes) I inherited responsibility for the monthly…

Feb 22, 2015

When I am engaged to provide advisory services to organisations whose aim is to embed a Strategic Workforce Planning process…